Miltios came up with the idea for this site after realizing he hates math and would have to recalculate accuracy/alacrity balancing every time new gear came out. He is a web developer by day, juggernaut tank by night, and dazzlingly handsome male model between the hours of 6:30 and 7:45 on days that do not end with "y". He raids with <Your Companion> on the Star Forge server and has written a guide on jugg tanking, which he occasionally bothers to keep up to date.
Zasmi is the lead designer, tester, child emperor, CGO (Chief Greebling Officer) and, owing to her background in architecture and design, the primary reason why this website doesn't look like it was made in MS Paint. She is also the first Jawa to ever take up a sniper rifle and fight for the good of the Empire—a skill that she puts to use weekly with <Your Companion>. Not to be confused with Blizz.
Special Thanks
TORCommunity TORCommunity's database is by far the most convenient source of info & stats for pre-252 items, without which building this site would be an enormous pain and we would've given up ages ago. Jedipedia Jedipedia is the go-to source for datamined content, including PTS item stats and images. Much like above, we owe them a great deal of our sanity for their hard work. Rambol Rambol has the definitive in-depth guide on stats & damage calculation, a.k.a. They Did The Math. Most of the stat algorithms on this site are derived from their work and cross-checked with in-game values. Dipstik Dipstik (and fellow number crunchers on the SWTOR forums) pieced together the updated stat formulas for 6.0. <Your Companion> Both founders have been raiding with YC since we were story-mode heroes, and we got to where we are today thanks largely to their guidance, patience, and repair funds. YC runs a HM training operation every thursday, and welcomes anyone who is interested in learning (or teaching) intermediate-level raids. Testers Our guildmates provided beta testing and in-depth gearing discussion. Special thanks to Glow, Veti, and Z for their individual help.