Is this site like Ask Mr. Robot?
It's not based on AMR (we didn't find out about them until our site was basically done), but it seems to fill roughly the same niche for SWTOR.
Are you going to add [feature]?
Maybe! Everything depends on how much time we have, how difficult the feature is, and how many people ask for it. Feel free to contact us if you want your voice heard.
How can I help?
Tell other SWTOR players about the site, and tell other gamers about SWTOR! Beyond that, if you are a java/javascript developer and you think you know how to implement some new features, feel free to drop us a line (we may update this question later to list commonly-requested items that we don't have time to tackle ourselves).
Shut up and take my money!
First of all, that's not a question. Second, we are not currently accepting donations, but as long as you have your wallet out, go ahead and send some money to these worthwhile causes:
  • AbleGamers helps fellow gamers with disabilities by giving them custom gaming setups with special assistive technology, so they can have fun too.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to defending civil liberties in the digital realm, from Net Neutrality to Fair Use.
  • Water Mission builds safe water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions internationally in the places that need it most.
I'm getting a warning for my gear, but I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. What gives?
The grey warnings are just there to remind you of things you may want to check; the One True Optimal Build may depend on your class/build/playstyle, or even what fight you're preparing for. The yellow and red warnings, though, mean that we're pretty sure you messed up.
Is having Absorb higher than Shield really a bad thing?
Depends. The underlying rule is this: having equal Shield/Absorb gives you the maximum overall mitigation, while having Shield higher than Absorb gives you the most consistent mitigation, and having Absorb higher than Shield gives you a spiky, unpredictable mess. The catch is that some abilities give an extra boost in combat that's not reflected here or on your character screen—for example, Assassin tanks' Dark Ward gives a large boost to Shield, which gradually adds a bonus to Absorb as you get hit, and then back to just Shield when you refresh Dark Ward. All of this should impact how you build your raw stats; the grey warnings are just there to remind you of things you may want to check.
I'm a tank. Why do Lethal mods show up when I filter for "my spec"?
BioWare made some...interesting moves when calculating how Defense works. The bottom line is that Warding mods sometimes result in wasted stat distribution, and you may be better off mods that were originally designed for DPS—this won't make you any tankier, but it will help you kill the stuff that's trying to kill you.
So what is the meta for tank Defense, anyway?
That's open for debate. Here is the graph for Defense, courtesy of (numbers are from 5.x but the meaning still applies): All stats get diminishing returns like this, but for Defense, the amount you get just from the default gear is so high that it pushes you into "why even bother" territory. Most raiders recommend capping yourself somewhere between 2-3k Defense, and spending the rest on DPS stats like Power instead.
Is the Reactive Warding relic still bugged?
Last time we checked (5.0), yes. If you have hard evidence that this is (or isn't) fixed, we'd love to know.
Why don't you have tacticals and amplifiers?
Because neither of those affect your actual stats. That said, we have heard enough demands for tacticals that we will probably be incorporating them into the site in the future. In the meantime, we recommend planning out your stat gear first and then using whatever in-game tactical and amplifiers suit your play style.
I play Republic, and all the set bonuses have Imperial ability names.
We're planning to fix this later, bear with us! It wasn't possible to do this ahead of time on the PTS because everything was still in flux.
I got a mod with a bunch of letters and numbers at the end, and I don't see it on your site.
Lots of mods have about a dozen or so variants like "Bastion Enhancement 75R-12" with slightly different stats. We do not have the staff (or patience) to track every single one of these, so we provide the base versions ("Bastion Enhancement 75") and give you the option to input different stats to match what you actually have in-game.
Does this site work for characters below level 75?
No. All of the stat calculations are different when you're below max level, and the gear you get is entirely different anyway. We recommend getting up to the level cap before worrying about your gear too much.
All of my stats look different from what I see here.
You're probably not max level yet; see above.
I found a bug!
I found a bug, and I use Internet Explorer!
Internet Explorer is a bug. Go away.